Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Let Summer Begin

 Today was my last day of work for the school year. I'll go back end of July. We are going to Monterey and see family and play in the ocean.
 We are going to love on our family
 Meet a new family member to us and love on our sister.
 Hang out with cousins and watch awesome sunrises with a cup of coffee.

 See my sisters and their families and go to the lake and 6 flags
 Love on my mommy and daddy and spend some quality time together.
 And these girls that grew up together from birth get to hang out together again as our old neighbors come to ABQ to visit us. I can't wait for it all. Soooooo excited.
Let Summer Begin!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Being their mom

 Avery striking a pose. Not sure what it is about "mom jean shorts" but they seem to be "in"  I remember being a teen and have a hard time believing both my girls are teens. It was a lot easier to be their mom when they were pre schoolers. I got to dress them then too.
Riley has stopped gymnastics and is now on the to the next thing - violin. She is self taught and is enjoying playing. I love my girls- our girls and I thank God for my job as mom to them.

4.0 all A's Baby

 Last week, we got to honor our youngest with a assembly. She has been a straight A's student all year. So above is Riley walking up to get her certificate and bumper sticker for mom's car. I remember when Avery first did this in 6th grade. I said to her "I don't want anything from you but a bumper sticker" It takes a lot of work to get one and we are so proud of both our girls. Below is Riley with one of her buddies.


A new quilt

 This one for a little boy I think. I have been looking at the fabric laying around my sewing room and "On a Whim" owls was calling to me. I have it in this green and also in brown. I backed it with some mushroom soft flannel that I got. It will be yummy for some little soft bundle to cuddle with.