Friday, May 28, 2010


I love the look on our little trouble shih tzu Charlie. You can hear him say "hey, what are you doing here?" "Why are you in that basket?" Pumpkin came over for a visit which he does every time his momma lets him out of the house. He loves the girls and the dogs and all the activity and doesn't mind helping out with the laundry once in a while.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

June blocks in May

These are for Erin. I love this fabric and have some of my own and now it is calling me to do something with it. Before I do, I have to get the hex quilt top done and what a royal pain in the backside that is. What was I thinking? I will be sewing For- ev-er. I have 4 of 15 rows done. The good news is - it is very hot outside and nothing sounds better than being in the cool lower level I call the GirlCave.

Queen 1 had a wonderful birthday and we saw the cutest puppy shihtzu that I am telling myself not to get. I gave up fluffin and Queen found a home for her guinea pigs so we deserve this puppy right? Soulmate is out of town so we will see if I can be a grown up of not. I'm really trying.....but I make no promises.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today is her Birthday!

Queen 1 is 12 today. The thought of that takes my breath away. I am so thankful for her sweet kind smile and hope I get to enjoy her for a while.

Happy Birthday to my friend Dolores too. Queen 1's birthday twin.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lots of Yeah!

Queen 2 is on her second session of tennis and has moved up to Advanced Intermediate.( whatever that means)Queen 1 brought me home this lovely car magnet that I have been lusting over ever since I saw one. They only do this for middle school and at the beginning of the year I told her I REALLY wanted one of those. She has done so good. To think when we moved down here from upstate NY 3 years ago she needed a tutor to catch up. Way to go kiddo!More bragging.... I know.... I have to. She was the only one in her 6th grade chorus concert to get a solo. She did great. She won't sing in the car with just her family but stick her on a stage with a room full of people.
And finally the Mini Swap arrived. I made this one for Amy aka amwawillever. The theme was black, white and 1 color not to be square or rectangle. Queen 2 came up with this idea for me. Lime green is Amy's favorite color.

ps- for those of you that don't know me I call my girls queen 1 and queen 2 like Dr Seus calls thing 1 and thing 2

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy News

While I had a few days during the girveaway day  I got my hex quilt cut out and laid out. Now to sew it together.I finished the blocks for May in the Modern Quilting Bee.
The winner of the Giveaway is 136 Angela who said:" Thanks for doing a giveaway. I'm currently working on a bunch of projects, some baby blankets, burp clothes and quilts." Thank you to all that came to visit the Manor. I enjoyed reading your comments and looking at your blogs and profiles. Happy Spring to you all.

Finally, Baby Fluffin has a forever home with Sara the Vet tech. We miss her after four months of trying to gain  her trust and loving her, but are very happy that she is in a good place and can have a safe, long life.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Giveaway Day!!!!!

For Giveaway Day I am giving the "Fat Quarter Fun" book by Karen Snyder filled with awesome easy projects and five fat quarters from Henry Glass to get you started. To enter- simple- just leave me a comment- can be anything- tell me what you are working on or your favorite color just something about you. Drawing will be Wednesday evening 9pm east coast time. Good Luck!

Comments Now CLosed- Winner Announced in the Morning. Wed. 9:34 pm

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Tale of Fluffin

This is the baby girl this morning.  For those of you that don't know- I started feeding this wild feral kitten during the big snows and have worked to tame her and get her to accept humans. It has been about a four month process. A few days ago, I knew I needed to take her to the vet when I found ticks on her. I did the over the counter stuff immediately and hemmed and haaaed about taking her to the vet. Well, the next week I see worms and knew I had no choice. This baby needs care. I called the humane society and no one answered. Wrote them a e-mail to which the only reply was "where do you live?" Still haven't heard back from them. I couldn't get a answer at the animal shelter, but knew I wasn't going that route because they are a kill shelter with ads on their website asking for cat foster homes. I called my vet and the other vet that is close to be quoted prices of 500.00 and 600.00 for everything.( For a cat that I can't keep.) So hubby was away on business and I kept Fluffin in the garage so I could put her in the carrier in the morning and take her to the vet.I take her in Tuesday. At this point I'm thinking we will deal with the worms and have her get her rabies and other shots. My brain is thinking about the costs and how can I keep them down. The vet examines her and she is pregnant. She is a baby!!! A tiny little thing. So I leave her there so they can run tests and I call at noon and the vet has spayed her and is giving me the reduced price so the bill is only 400.00.  A little shocking but also a relief. She has been hanging out in the guest bedroom downstairs. She uses the litter box and is so stinking sweet. She purrs all the time and loves to be snuggled. Now what to do?...... I already love her. Shocking I know.

UPDATE- One of the vet techs called and asked if she could take her home for the weekend to see if she fits into their household. Please say a prayer that all goes well. For Fluffin and for our family.

Porkchop Swap

I joined another swap- it is a sickness - I know. This one is lead by Flossieblossoms over at Old Red Barn Quilt along. We are to make a charm pack of 25 fabrics, cut into 5 inch squares. We swap with 7 other people and then have enough different fabric to make a 200 charm quilt. So these are the ones I'm sending

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pinwheel Quilt

I figured out how to upload these puppies. I'm so proud. I thought I would have to wait for the man, but I did it. Yippee! Sooooo here is the Pinwheel Quilt I made with the Old Red barn Quilt Along Group. I handquilted the dragonflies around the border but the rest was machine pieced and sewn. I did a patchy border and have just enough fabric to make a table runner or wall hanging. Hmmmm the possiblilies. I also just figured out how to link stuff. I'm such a grown up.

My little quiltie wall

 So.... this is my collection of little quilts. There are two not on this wall. They are decorating the guest bathroom and look so good in there. I love all these little quilts. The red and blue one is one of the very first ones I've made and I like to look at it and see how far I've come as a quilter. The trees is from my mom. Above that the Banyan Tree is from Mary. Next to hers is the rabbits from Paula. The scrap square I made one for myslef when I made Rachels. Rachels curved coin quilt. Jodies owl placemat- never going to see food- too awesome! Below that is Dolores' cross-stitch tree. Brenda's postcard. Jenn's mini in blue and white. Kimmies puppy quilt. Jill's circle quilt and another flower bunch by me.

I have finished the Pinwheel quilt and have taken pictures but until my loving hubby comes home to fix whatever happened to my computer when he hooked up the new printer- I can't show you. I do love it.
I also have the mini Black, white plus one not square almost done and ready to go off. YIppee.

I have a tablerunner and two bee blocks left to sew and then I am good for May. I also have to come up with what I'm going to send and do for my block coming up for June. Any ideas? I'm thinking maybe a string quilt.

The hexagon quilt is on hold for now, but I'm excited to see what it becomes.

Hopefully the next time I post I will have great new pictures and news about what we have done with Fluffin kitten.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lots of news

This is my mini from Rachel aka Sweetteamom. This was for  the coin quilt 6 to 12 inch. Isn't it awesome?!?This is the start of the HEX quilt that we are doing with Old Red Barn quilt a long. This looks really cool and is not that hard.This is our neighbors cat that came to get out of the rain. This was so sweet.
   Fluffin and Jack getting to know one another. I can just hear them " I'll be your Garfield to your Odie"
One of the "in the house" moments. I love this picture.

Monday, May 3, 2010

More Intercourse

Some of you may remember the quilt show and PA trip I took with some Flickr friends I met through Old Red Barn Quilt Along. I loved the countryside and shops so much I wanted to bring the family back up here and show them a different side of life. It was a warm day in the 90's. The sun was shining and it seemed like all the farms and fields were being worked. I really had the queens think about all the work the Amish do and the things they live without on a daily basis- no computers, no t.v., no phones, no cars etc.....I loved Queen 1's comment that "I bet they don't have spoiled kids."So while the family got some ice cream, I went into Zook's to see what was on the sales table. $2.29 a yard. Could spend hours in this store as they have so many yummy things.   We walked the shops in the village and listened to some great jazz.