Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Avery Rose

Today is her birthday. 14 years ago I was waiting for my first baby scared to death and not knowing what to expect. How we love this girl. This birthday is hitting me hard. Our time with her is growing short and I thank God for her everyday and we are so very thankful she is ours. Happy Birthday kiddo!

8th Grade Promotion

 Our Avery is no longer a 8th grader. I have to say this makes me sad. These darn kids grow up way too fast. I swear she was just going to pre-school. My pastor gave some great advice last week, He said,"Really get to know your kids. What they like and don't like. Who they hang out with. The music they listen to and what they watch on TV" Gee, haven't I been doing that? Well, no. Not really. So I have been getting to know what Avery is like at this age, how she has changed and grown. Because the girl I thought I knew is always changing.
 There are over 150 kids in her 8th grade class.
 My favorite part was listening to the choir sing. Love them!!! They sang "Lean on Me" with a fun twist at the end and then they re-wrote the words to the song from Rent. 235,300 minutes to fit their experiences in Middle School.
 We got a shy little smile and if you are wondering why they are so casual it is because the ceremony was in the morning and right after was their activity day with swimming pool and lots of things to jump on a play on.

 She will be going to La Cueva High School home of the Bears. I think that is pretty cool because I went to Summerville High home of the Bears. Too bad I no longer have that bear costume.

You May Have Heard..... We had a Solar Eclipse

 I credit Queen 2's science teacher for lighting the fire in her that had us buying special glasses two weeks ahead of time and planning the picnic on the upstairs deck.
 Even Jack got in on the excitment. Isn't he so cute?
 I didn't get any good pictures of the ring of fire, but that didn't stop me from trying
 The whole thing lasted around two hours and you would think that staring at the sun for that long would be interesting but it really was. Pretty amazing really.
And we could see the eclipse through our fingers.

How We've Been Spending Time

 We got the fire pit going and made s'mores a night or two, or three or four. We love our s'mores!
 I found some time and added on to Sara's quilt from Across the bend and Around the World swap. I added the far right section. Her colors are brown, turquoise and blue. There is a little green thrown in there too. I just love this swap. It is free form and in this stage of my life where I just don't want to think as I escape into my hobby, this is perfect. Just let be what will be.
Honey love, better known as Soulmate has been very busy getting things ready for the summer. Many new members are coming to the door because of the great job he does. Proud of you baby!!!

The First of Many

 First, I'll start off with some fabric I pulled for an upcoming quilt. Now when I will have time to do any quilting, I'm not sure so for now I'll dream. Any ideas?
 Next, the super sweet kids of wood shop made me a sign with my last name on it for my desk at school and gave it to me when I got back from visiting Dad and Mom. So as a thank you we made MANY chocolate chip cookies for 6 classes of woodshop. Thank goodness I had help from my assistant below. Like her T shirt? Pretty perfect I think.
Now please excuse me while I get caught up with all these late blog postings.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

8th grade Social

Look on Dad's face: Priceless

 We so enjoyed this time together. It was a family event. Riley did nails. I did hair. Avery did her makeup. It took me back to the time of my sisters and I getting ready for dates and dances.