Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lessons from my neighbor

 As you may remember our neighbors from New York were here for a visit. One of the many things I took from that visit was sitting outside and enjoying my yard. I tend to get holed up in the house. I put a hummingbird feeder out and watch the many birds, breath the air and just relax.
 I took my seat and looked up and two doves were hanging out on the wall under the brush.
 I got out my many magazines and started going through them. Tearing out recipes and building my menu for the week.
 This line was awesome:
The mind determines the success of loosing weight or staying in your fat pants.
Down 4 pounds so far- wahoo! Thank you Lisa. I sure love you and miss not living next door to you.

Someone needs a hug

 Someone I love needs a hug and I'm not there to give it to them. This is why I love quilting so much.
 This pattern came from one of the many quilting magazines I love and enjoy. The fabric was from my stash and it by Moda.
 The back I made from all the scrap pieces. Bound in white. Hand sewing the binding on is my favorite part of quilting. Sitting with the quilt on my lap and putting some personal love into it.
With the strip scraps I wrapped pens for work and topped them with a button. Idea from Pinterest. Love that site. My loved one should have her quilt in the next few days.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Staycation Part Two

Wow, what a difference three years make. These girls are growing up. Dang. Young woman at the zoo. We had a blast at the mall, shopping, cooking, and seeing the animals at the zoo. We love these ladies.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Staycation Part One

 You know what's cool about having company? You see things in the town you live in that you may not have seen otherwise. We have lived here two years and haven't been to Petroglyph National Park. Now I would advise you NOT, I repeat, Do Not, go on a 2 1/2 mile in the desert in 90 plus degree heat. You could kill your youngest child. I almost did.
 Instead do the short hike with great views and plenty of petroglyphs to take pictures of.
 We went to the Indian Pueblo Museum and got treated to an hour of dancing and singing
 Which was almost as good as the re enactment in the backyard
 The next day was shopping and looking at galleries in Madrid
 The girls had no problem finding things they liked
 Super cute little town in the middle of no where on the turquoise trail
And the highlight of the trip- a herd of wild horses with the stallion guarding the mares and foals. There is water right in that tree line.


 This is what I've been doing the last few days. I had this fabric talking to me for a while so had to use it up.
It's a good size lap quilt. I quilted it with wavy lines going from top to bottom and it is trimmed with burgundy binding. I have another one in the works and hope to be able to show it to you soon.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Getting Ready

Company's coming! I'm so excited. Haven't seen them in three years and I'm sure it will be a shock how the girls have changed- both theirs and ours. I've made chicken salad, potatoe salad, and chocolate chip cookies. The house is picked up and I am ready to play! Now just get here already:)


 After two and half weeks traveling and seeing family it felt good to be home.
 We did lots of cleaning and nesting
 Well I did, the girls, well not so much. There was X box calling
 And things to draw
 I made some amazing cookies- white chocolate, cranberry, pecan
 When we were at my mom's we stumbled upon pretzel covered chicken tenders. No bread crumbs in the pantry so we ground up pretzels and they were so yummy- had to make those again.
 My sisters and cousin make this bread. It is called "heartattack bread" Not for people on a diet. 1/2 butter, 1 cup mayo, 1 cup parm. cheese. Mix it all up and spread parsley and paprika sprinkled on top. Bake 350 for 20 minutes. There are no words.
 And I will end by sharing a sunset with you

Monday, July 1, 2013

Vacation Recap P 8- Moss Landing

 This is Chase, our nephew. He is working for Santuary Cruises for the summer. What an awesome job. They do whale watching and other wildlife. Check them out if you are in the area.
 This just cracked me up. It was almost like he was waving us off
 I forgot what these birds were called but there was a whole flock of them and beyond them a raft of sea otters
 We are headed out to the bay and the water was choppy. It was our first time out and we didn't get seasick but I think the damimine and braclet had something to do with that. We stood at the bow and it was more exciting then the rapid waves at Great America
 We didn't see any whales but this baby sea lion was pretty cute
And this seal hanging out in the marina greeting us back was pretty cool too. I wonder if it was the same guy that waved us out?

Vacation Recap P7 Carmel

 Doug and I were married in Carmel almost 19 years ago
 It is a magical place. The homes, the plantlife, the ocean. I think fairies live here
 I know little tiny baby squirrels live here
 My littermate and I try to find a little alone time each time we get tour families together and this time we walked the streets of Carmel
 Another gift my husband gave me was the love and friendship of his sister. We are both dogs in the chinese signs and thus "littermates"
 It was one of those special times that I am very thankful for
 Could not be anymore beautiful
And the kiddos in the bottom right corner enjoyed the beach and spotted dolphins about 200 meters from them. They may have ignored the "to the knees" rule