Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yesterday Birthday Happenings

As my Sister put it : The Queen of Darkness on her red wheels of terror, or plain speak, her new red bike=D
Quality control- he had to check it out (at least that was his excuse).

Blowing out her candles. I brought doughnuts to her school for her classmates and we sang Happy Birthday to her in the cafeteria. She turned the most amazing shade of red. That was fun for me. At home it was a more quiet affair with cookie cake.

Sporting the new helmets. Like the face on the Queen of Drama. She is getting a new name now that she is in middle school. oy-vey-e-scmear!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We had 95 posts and 108 entries to this giveaway. The biggest response ever- thank you so much. I loved hearing about what you were working on in your crafty time. On to the winners....... For the Heather Ross Far Far Away- Jill

For the Tea Party 1/2 yard set ....... Nichol

For the Make it Fun 1/2 yard set....... Silversmith

And for the Moda Mother Goose.........Happy Cottage Quilter

Please e-mail me with you address and I'll will get it out a.s.a.p. Congrats!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

300 post Giveaway- closed now thank you

2 different 1/2 cuts of Heather Ross- Far Far Away
4 different 1/2 yard cuts of Tea Garden by P&B textiles

3 different 1/2 cuts by RJR Fabrics- Make it You

2 different 1/2 yard cuts by Moda- Mother Goose and Friends
make sure I can connect you so I know where to send the winnings
4 Winners will be choosen Feb. 23rd
To Enter:
1. leave a comment- tell me what you are working on
2. Follow my blog and get another entry
3. post about this giveaway on your blog and get another entry( be sure to leave me another comment telling me you did)
I just passed my one year of blogging. I'm almost at one year of quilting and in a 10 days I will turn the big 40.
Thank you to this on-line community that has taught me so much, inspired me daily and has given me some great friendships!

Friday, February 5, 2010

There is a storm coming.....UPDATE Round 2

I don't think I believed the weather man when he said we would be getting more snow. It went from a couple of inches to possibly over 12inches. I'll let you know when it's all said and done

We have dug out. We went to the store and stocked up for the game tonight and all is well.

I see why the weatherman was so very excited. It snowed all night and it is still snowing at about an inch an hour

The birds are very thankful I filled the feeder before the storm. Where do the birds go when it storms? I think they hide in the bushes. Anyone know?

The problem is - there is so much of it where does it go? We can only take a chunk of it at a time and then we have to come in and rest. We have 1/3 left. Some of our neighbors aren't even trying to get out in it. I think they are hibernating.

Or so a VERY excited weatherman tells me. I can tell because when I go to the grocery store -the place where the eggs should be is empty and the place where the cheese should be is empty and the place where the meat should be got it empty. I've never seen anything like it.

So eggs- check

cheese- check

meat- check

milk and bread- check

all important toilet paper- check

kids off of school- check

hubby home from work- check

plenty of fabric, thread, batting and whatnot- check

We're good Mr. Weatherman- bring on Monster Storm.

Keep warm.~Dena