Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Modern Bee Block

This is a block I've seen floating around Flickr and have wanted to try and thanks to Leanne of the Modern Quilting Bee I am in- I got to.
It takes lots of cutting. You end up with 16 2.5 inch white blocks, 16 2.5 print blocks and 32 2.5 half Triangle blocks which are made from 3 inch blocks and cut down. I had my lovely assistants help me with this one. Are they cute?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Movie Theme swap

This is for the Swap Til You Drop group better known as S.T.U.D. The theme this month was to do a quilt by the name of the movie our partner gave us. Lori's favorite movie was Pride and Prejudice 2005 version. I had never seen it. At first I thought it was Sense and Sensibility which I had a thought for, but no different movie. Ok no big deal. I'll just go to Blockbuster and rent it right? Nope, didn't have it. Like not at all. It is a classic. Go to Target to buy the movie - didn't have it. Finally I go online and order it. It arrived the 20th. I have been stitching my little hands off the last few days and quilted it this morning. I am happy with the end result and I hope Lori likes it. It is framed in linen and I used crayon on the sky and grass for a tint of color. The house is in the opening scene and is the house Lizzie grew up in. A beautiful love story if you've never seen it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

We got Soulmate moved into the house now to office out of. Still have a few boxes to go through, but it is getting there and he is very happy with it. I found the chair at Papa Steve and Rosemary's store and brought it home that day. Perfect.

I dressed up the quilt cabinet a bit too. It's so purty!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last day of school

 We baked cookies for all the school peeps we wanted to thank. It was a wonderful year for both queens.Queen 1 won some choice prizes in the school drawing. She got $10 bucks for Moe's southwest grill and a $20 gift card to 5 and below.The girls made a fort and slept in the game room. Today is the last day of school- a song I sang all day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I got to sew!!!!

Much needed sewing therepy!Liberated Bee Blocks for June.Inspiration is the basket quilt from the Liberated Quilting 2 book by Gwen Marston.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

The drive was beautiful
Wow- the entrance and lodge was so cool

They upgraded our room to a loft suite- SWEET
We got ready to tackle the waterslides
Took a break to eat some of the best BBQ
Had to walk off some dinner in Williamsburg
Then hit the park againThe wave poolThe jungle gymQueen 1 chillingOn our way home we had to stop off at Bass Pro Shop. We had never been in one before
There were bears- Oh my
A cute little red fox
Lynz even. Of course lots of deer heads mounted on the wall to which Queen 1 pointed out that ,"they named who killed them and where they were murdered" It was not kind of me, but I could not stop laughing.
Then Queen 2 asked her dad for a gun because shooting was fun-Yeah that's not happening.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's Happening

My blocks for the Circuit Block Bee are coming in and looking fabulous. I can't wait to get my whole rainbow. Ideas are all over the board as to how I will put this quilt together.
This are all the 5 inch charms I rec'd from the Porkchop 2 swap. Again several ideas floating around for these as well.This is a work in progress for my parents. They are moving/have moved to their new home and this is a gift for that. I still have some things to pull together for it, but it is #1 on the list of to do's.

I started a temp job and my sewing time has been cut into, but hopefully this will teach me time management. The girls have one more week of school and are stressed/excited. All the end of year projects are coming due. We are taking them to Greatwolf Lodge tomorrow to celebrate all those good grades.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Gotta Brag

This is the first quilt made by my middlesista Leah. I'm so excited for her and me that she has caught the quilting bug. Give a big Wahoo!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Feel Like Sh*(&

It is only cause I love you all that I can share this most unfaltering picture of me in the wee hours of the morning, miserable, not able to breath. Well- that and I really want some sympathy. Pathetic- I know.
Still hanging out with this &*^% cold that the youngest queen gave me. I haven't touched the sewing machine in days and I'm getting bitter about that. New News- I took a temp job out of the house making calls to vendors- I'm feeling grown up again. And yes that is tissue hanging out of  my nose- better that than the constant dipping out of something I couldn't even breath out of. Being sick is RUDE!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BLocks and Quilts

This is my mini quilt I received from amwawillever for the month of May. This was for the Flickr group Mini Quilt swap. THe theme was black,white plus one not square.
These are the blocks for the Circuit Block Swap quilting bee I am in and I had the month of June and asked for these one color string blocks. Super fun. Thank you gals.
These are the blocks I have received so far for the Bee Liberated quilting bee. I had the first month of May and asked for these fractured 9 patch blocks. It is going to make a rockin' cool quilt. Just waiting on a few more and then I will put it together.

Still working on the hex quilt- that may be a line in every post I do for a while. For E ver sewing those triangles. Could I whine some more? Yes. My youngest decided to share her cold and I'm feeling like something the cat drug in.

Did everyone have a fun weekend? I took the queens to the local water park and they had a blast. We ate out a few times and did some furniture shopping for Soulmates office. We moved him out of corporate and have tons of boxes in his home office now- the reason for furniture shopping. Took lots of walks and just enjoyed the time together. 
Happy June to all.