Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Puppy training

 This little girl and I are going to start her training- formally. I've signed her up for classes beginning June 9th. This is us looking at the moon. It was full and calling to us. She sure likes to give kisses. She nibbles on my husbands nose and he likes it.

I suck at blogging

I used to be much better at this blogging business. I remember crafting and picture taking and quilt making and blogging. Well we have begun our summer break and I hope to get back to all of it
 Baby girl went to the 8th grade dance and looked so grown up all done up. Holy smokes!!!!
 This is my sweet pea Sierra. She was in the ISP class at the school I work at and every morning would say good morning to me. She graduated and is going to high school now. I told her parents I was going to cry when she graduated and by golly I sure did. Her dad walked her up to get her certificate and the whole 8th grade class stood and started clapping and then the whole crowd stood up and clapped for her. It was so amazing and the feeling of that place at that time was goosebump wonderful.
 This is the young man that Riley has a crush on and I have to say she has good taste. We love him.
 Little girl walking up to get her certificate for middle school promotion. Can't believe I'm going to have two in high school. And below is a little something I am working on inspired by a picture my sister sent me and to keep me crafty while my sewing machine is getting serviced.