Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blocks for Bee Modern Too

 This is the first time I've put together a block myself so bare with me. I tried it two ways and thought this was the easier of the two. Piece together 4 - 4.5x10 rectangles, put them together however you like and feel free to add your own scraps to them. I would be honored to have a bit of you in my quilt.
 I've sent along precut white squares. The 4.5 is your center and then you have two 9.5 inch squares per block. You will need to cut these in half diagonally to make 4 triangles.
 piece together as shown above-make sure you pin those buggars.
Then trim 1 and 1/4 inch all the way around
Blocks should be slightly over 15.5 inches square.

Thank you in advanced for doing these for me. Any questions, just drop me an email.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why I love my weekends-

 There is time to relax and have fun.
 Time to create

 And time to play

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bee Blocks Done

Ok, so I'm soooo loving this theme and how it uses scraps and of course it was thought up by no other than Miss Creative herself - my sister from another mister- Spinster Sister. So it was Sis' month to come up with a block for the Bee Liberated Bee. Did I mention I love this idea? Yeah- I'm so stealing it on some level. Best part of my day making these blocks:)

These blocks were done for Ashley for the Bee Modern Too Bee. Now, I will admit, I was scared when I first saw what she wanted. ( I hate paperpiecing- more it hates me) So today I was brave. I pulled out her fabric and started to create and thought I had a good thing going with block on the right- gnome house, mushrooms, applicae, it's all good and then I went back and read that the block is suppose to be 8x10 not 10x10- OK so lets do what she asked for......paperpiecing........1.5 hours later you have block on the left.
I hope she likes them, better, I hope she can use them:{
For Modern Quilting Bee Mary asked for liberated crosses- so easy- why haven't I done these before?
This is a quilt I am working on now. One of three actually. This one is a railfence.
And this is what happens after a day of sewing- looks like a bomb went off. I call it creative chaos.

special delivery

My mommy made this for me and I knew just where to put it. It is in our entryway. Isn't it just sweet?! I love it so. Thank you mommy.
3x6 bee block recieved for this past round. loved doing this one so much I'm doing it again.
Pup helping soulmate work
Jack helping the queens with homework
                                 Just because he is cute!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bluemont Fair 2010

When it starts off like this how can a weekend go bad?
I wanted to give you some different looks from last years fair and with the new vendor "The Linen Lady" that wan't hard to do. I spent most of my time here and you can see why. It was incredible and I wanted everything. I walked out with a vintage apron for Queen 1 who is talking about kitchen safety in school and has taken an interest in all things baking.
While I was up to my elbows in vintage linens the peeps were walking around the baked goods part of the fair set up in the old post office.
Queen 2 had to show us why she is queen of rock climbing- up tp the top in five seconds flat.
I put my name in the raffle for this beauty. I REALLY want it so cross your fingers for me.
And last some painted glass to show mom. circles and stripes and everything nice.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pink Expressions Crib Quilt

What started out as above turned into the top three. I finished it last night staying up until 1 am because I just wanted to get the binding done. This is the second quilt to be made out of the Expressions line by M'liss Rae Hawley. This is a 38.5 inch square quilt. I embroidered the center piece and then gave that a border. The material I was thinking for the center ended up being a great binding fabric. Straight line quilting at a diagnal and loopy free motion in the center. Plans for 2 more quilts out of this line.

This past weekend

I'm a little behind. I had planned to post about this earlier. The weekend was beautiful here. The queens are doing so good with the golf that Soulmate got them a set of clubs to share instead of using mine. Even the suckiest attempt at golf ( talking just about me) can't dampen what a beautiful day it was. I did get a very few good shots in. After we went to Magnolia's for dinner. I love this place. It was a old train depot way back in the day and the atmosphere inside is so fun. The food is incredible. Next time you come to visit we will have to go. Hope the week is going well for everyone. Now that school has started - I live for the weekends!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

A new quilt

So this is what I've done the week the kiddos where in school. I found some great M'liss Rae Hawley fabric called Expressions at Joann's and have come up with three- yes three quilts to make. This is one of them. It measures 39 inches x 50 inches.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

school has begun

They were both ready with smiles on their faces, well sort of. Just try taking a picture of a preteen.Oyvay.
All went well and they had a good day at school. Other than Avery's bus not picking them up in the afternoon, it went smoothly. We have schedules and teachers and lots of papers for mom to look at and try not to lose. I bet I lose half of them.

Since we've been back from our trip I have been sewing this quilt together. The block were done from my Bee Liberated Bee. I sent out Marcus Al Fresco fabric and asked for a fractured 9 patch. It is so nice to have one more thing crossed off the must do list.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sonora, CA

There were fun family dinners ( sister and mom)
visits with Nana- 92 yrs old God Bless her!!
We got to see a football game (go Luke and Kellen!)
We made signs to show our spirit
We rested when we could
and snuggled when we could
had to go to the trout farm to fish- its tradition.

                                           And we enjoyed the beauty of Sonora Pass which is ever bit as
                                      beautiful as Yosemite, but less crowded:) I love ya family!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Virginia City, NV

There were cowboys and cowgirls
There was a train ride showing us all the different mines and history of the town
Saloons with silver ceilings and colored glass
Let's not forget the stagecoach ride that took us up to 20 mph

Bullet, Pistol, Jake and Tuffy gave us a smooth ride.

The mine tour. Yes, I hit my head 4 times coming out of there, because it was really small and dark. Think I was in a hurry? It didn't help when the guide turned off all the lights 100 ft in.
And then there were the wild horses. Sigh. I think I could have spent all day here. This herd had two babies.
These two were off on their own a mile or so away and I couldn't figure out why. Then someone explained that they were probably having a romance. Don't they look romantic? HA!
This was a wonderful day.