Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend recap and Week Prep

 It was a busy weekend here at the Wayne household. I even wore the husky out.  8 miles of walking for us. Isn't she so cute with her head on that white pillow? Not what I had in mind when I purchased said white crocheted pillow
 The scrappy log cabin quilt is growing and the original 20 blocks has now grown to 36. That will make a good lap size or end of bed quilt
 Remember those confetti mini quilts I was telling you about? Well I got one done and another one planned out.

 And now for the week prep..... I've been doing this a few weeks now and the kiddos notice. "Mom, how come you aren't prepping real food for our lunches. We want real food too"
 Normally I pack them a PB&J, chips and cookies. They have asked for veggies and a fruit too.
 That meant lots of chopping and getting all the containers out. Grapes, cantalope, carrots, cucumbers,bell peppers tangerines and apples. Along with prepping food, I've got my workouts planned out and clothes for work picked out and put aside.
"The more organized you are the more freedom you have."
 This just helps keep me on track for the week in all things. Health= mental, physical and financial 2015.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Scrappy Log Cabin Squares

   A very large scrappy stash has got me thinking of projects to make it go away. As I was working on these scrappy log cabin squares - (20 down 10 to go)-I ended up thinking of a few more projects. My list goes a little something like this:
Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt
Small Coin baby quilt
Confetti mini quilts with embroidery sayings
Mug rugs
Stain glass square quilt
That should keep me busy for a while. I hope it gets rid of my four containers of scraps.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Here are two shits........zus

I now have clean carpets now due to these two ............ sweet dogs. I don't know which one of them did it and they are not saying but something happened somewhere it shouldn't have. Good thing we love them.

Grandpa Holmes Heaven Day

Grandpa's heaven day was yesterday. He's been there for 11 years now. He's up there with Nana and my daddy. Grandpa was a bear of a man who knew what frugal was long before it was cool. All the books I've gotten about paying down debt and living beneath my means are all the words of grandpa Holmes. Too bad I was hearing them when I was 16 years old and knew it all. So now at the age of almost 45 I'm putting those words into practice. I remember gardening with him and watching him can and freeze the food he grew. He also made wine- pretty sure that was 100 proof. Only sipped that once- once was enough. He played the trumpet and loved to cut wood. He loved his family and provided for them far into his years. He was a gruff kind of guy, but the leader of my tribe and I miss him.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekend Recap

 ~A little house mini quilt was created this weekend. Good therapy. I have plans for the next project.
~Went through Rileys drawers and closet, bagged up three huge trash bags of clothes
~Bought and put together a desk for her room- her daddy did that for her
~Made a menu for this week
     Sun. Lasagna 
     Mon. Leftovers- Momma's going to zumba
     Tues. Quiche
     Wed. Bean Burritos
      Thurs. Pork chops and roasted veggies
      Fri. Tacos
      Sat. Potato Soup
~Chopped up all my fruit and veggies for the week
~Walked the dog 6 miles and did a yoga video (something the dog did not understand at all)
~Did 7 loads of laundry and layed out my work outfits for the week.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Let's get crafty

It's Friday and the weekend has begun. It's time to get crafty. While I was talking to my mom on the phone, I started sewing some scraps together and then drew some images that married with the scraps on some white fabric to embroider. Trying to post on this blog during the week isn't happening so be prepared for lots of weekend posts.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Prepping for the week

I can't believe the break is over. Getting up tomorrow is going to be ugly so I am trying to do whatever I can to help myself out. I've got food packaged up and outfits layed out. Now if a magic fairy could get my teenage girls up and out the door on time- that would be awesome. Fingers crossed.

Thumbprint necklace

Have you ever heard of a thumbprint necklace? I hadn't until I met a woman that lost her son and was wearing one. We have now become great friends. God brings people together. Anyway, we had them made for my mom and sisters and myself of my dad's thumbprint. I got it a few days ago and love having a piece of dad with me.

Vintage modern

 Got another quilt top done - I cut into my Vintage Modern fabric by Moda.
 I saw a picture of a quilt on Pinterest and decided to use that.
 Made 64 squares and put them together
 Bordered it with pink poke a dot fabric and off white. It measures 58x58 a good lap size quilt.
It is hanging in the closet now with the Sweet as Honey quilt and the doll quilt. I think I am liking making quilt tops.

Friday, January 2, 2015

A list of meal ideas for January

Meal planning is such a good idea on so many levels. Having a go to list of meals saves money, reduces stress and gets everyone on the same page. We also make allowances to go out to eat too so that the family doesn't twitch.
1. Pear, fig and gorgonzola ravioli (from whole foods)
2.Pork chops, Potatoe gratin, broccoli
3.Chicken salad and cucumbers
4. Baked stuffed chicken
5. Taco salad
6. Frittata and melon
7.Bean burritos
8.Mac and cheese and salad
9. Hamburgers, tater tots
10. Potatoe soup and salad
11.Chicken tenders, mashed potatoes
12. Pork Chops with chutney, roasted veggies
13.Veggie quesadilla
14.Roast beef sandwiches
15. Pizza and salad
16. Grilled cheese and tomatoe soup
17. lasagna, rolls, salad
18. Eggs, hash browns, bacon
19.Baked potatoe bar and salad
20.Maple mustard pork, grilled apples
21. Meatball Subs
23.BBQ chicken sandwiches
24. Salad, soup and Bread
25.Sausage, Peppers, Potatoe bake
27.Sloppy Joes

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Since my last post

 Nov. 2nd was my last post. Nov. 16th I went out to sit with my dad in the hospital for nine days and he passed away Nov. 30th. It is still very unreal. These pictures are from the summer of 2013. We are in Tahoe and life was good. He had just finished a bone marrow transplant and chemo- had his hair back and getting his strength back. Sense of humor in full force. Since Nov. 30th my sister Leah has gotten married to her love of 8 years on 12-13-14. I've gone back to my parents and dealt with budgets and financial stuff for mom, spent time with my sisters, walked the dogs, spotted the wild horses,went through dads clothes and set aside all of his shirts and jeans to make quilts, spent Thanksgiving,  Christmas and New Years with my hubby and girls. This week I wrote dad's obit and thank you letters to his doctors. I cry everyday that I've been back. Grief is a very interesting thing to go through. I'll be fine and all of a sudden it is a punch to the gut and a hand squeezing my throat and tears falling down my cheeks. And I am thankful for it. I thank God that he now has my dad and he is no longer in pain and his perfect self. I'm thankful it hurts this much because that means I loved him very much, but I'm going to miss him. I feel like I'm mourning my Papa and Nana, my dad, moving from NY, not having my horses, all of those past hurts that I never dealt with completely. It is going to make for an intersting 2015. I hope I deal with all of this with grace.

Thank you for indulging me in this and I am going to get back to the normal post of meal planning, quilting, weight loss and what not. Happy New Year to you all and many blessings to all of you.