Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yesterday Birthday Happenings

As my Sister put it : The Queen of Darkness on her red wheels of terror, or plain speak, her new red bike=D
Quality control- he had to check it out (at least that was his excuse).

Blowing out her candles. I brought doughnuts to her school for her classmates and we sang Happy Birthday to her in the cafeteria. She turned the most amazing shade of red. That was fun for me. At home it was a more quiet affair with cookie cake.

Sporting the new helmets. Like the face on the Queen of Drama. She is getting a new name now that she is in middle school. oy-vey-e-scmear!


  1. Boy can I relate to what you are going through with your daughter. My son was the King of Darkness throughout his school years. I sometimes still reel from the experience, and he is 37 now.
    Keep up the good work, I always say if they don't like we must be doing something right. HAHA
    Hang in there

  2. Nice set of wheels! Isn't it fun to make them blush? Yay, for bike helmets - safety first always.

  3. I was wondering about riding in the snow, I see it's starting to melt finally!

    Nice bike, cute kids, I think they get their drama from their mama! lol

    Who's making you a cake tomorrow? HUH?