Monday, November 8, 2010

Panic- 6 weeks left til Christmas

Where did this year go? We only have 6 weeks until Christmas?!? So much for my plans of a homemade gift giving. I will have to pull out the list and see how much I can get done. Are you ready?


  1. ha, ha with us making a move 3 months ago, we are far from being ready. But we are looking forward to decorating our new(er) home this year.

  2. Seven weeks baby, seven weeks....don't deny me that last week!:)
    No, not ready but did by a few things today. We are going to have a less is more Christmas this year...Maria will be our present!;)

  3. Hi just found you through flickr. I love that community (is that the right word?) so mutch inspiration and so little time to do. Love your scrappy quilt, see you (at flickr)
    hugs from Sweden