Monday, December 5, 2011

Let it Snow!

This is pure bliss right here. SNOW!! And a snow day to boot. She prayed for this last night and was so pleased when she woke up. She was up early and has been out playing in the white stuff. Not the snow of New York or Virginia for sure. It is like sand and blows in the wind and makes it really hard to see. No matter. She is thankful for it.

Red Converse and no coat- too cool to be cold. It's all about looking good.

Gumdrop tree and balls. We made these over Thanksgiving break and the house is shaping up into some holiday cheer.

The tree is no longer naked. There are even some presents under the tree. I dread going to the post office. It scares me!!! 20 more days- that scares me too.

Now off to bake a whole bunch of cookies- YUM!

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