Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Los Alamos Meet

 We had Riley's first meet this weekend in Los Alamos. We got there about an hour before and Riley had her dad help her as she ran through her routines
 I walked around and took pictures of birds and stuff
 Got to see firsthand how close those fires last year came to this town and a lot of it's homes
 She had a bit of nerves but calmed down once things got started
 She was first on the first event bars and had an error and scored 6.1
 On beam she took first in her age group with 9.0
 Floor she got an 8.32. I thought she would score better and the coach mentioned the judge was harder than normal. Still good.
 Love how cute this girls are with each other and how they support each other.
Overall it was a great first meet. Our next one is Dec. 8th

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  1. hi Dena! I've been to Los Alamos, too!
    - the altitude gave me a headache, but it was a beautiful drive up that mountain!