Saturday, December 29, 2012

Time for crafting

 I finished all the scarves for the volunteers that cover my lunch.
 I got to work on a piece from "Across the Pond and Around the Bend" This is Jan's piece that started with the stork and boat. It went to Elizabeth who added the reeds and Otter and then made it's way to me.  These two ladies set the bar high- let me tell you. Major intimidation! Jan and Elizabeth are amazing! I dug out every batik blue scrap I had and made the strippy ocean with the fisheys and reed. Jan's hubby is going to love this quilt. It is now on it's way to Brittany in Oregon and that girl has some mad talent.

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  1. Wow! You sure were busy. Lucky volunteers!:)

    We did Secret Santa at hubby's folks this year and they loved his mom has huge knitted stockings for everyone so she can get us all a little something extra to stuff in there so now we are going to do it at my parents too....I need to make stockings and all I can do is crochet so I'm on the hunt to see if it can be done...or everyone is getting a tube sock stocking!;)