Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby turned 13 today

 Baby Girl turned 13 today. Hard to believe.
 She is a little suspect of what sister could have given her
 "Oh you want me to stop using your makeup?"
 And then sister farted which made me laugh to no end. Yes, I still think potty humor is funny. What is wrong with me?
 Why the big smile Riley? That is a smile right?
 Jack wants to know what you got too.
 Like my new head set? What Whaaaaat
 Oh, it's a controller. Bwahahahaha ( Dad is asking for a kiss from Charlie)
 "I want  the controller!", Jack says ( Looks like Dad got the kiss)
 Riley got an X Box. Yeah for Riley!!! Happy Birthday kiddo.
And that is the end of our birthday story


  1. LMAO.. Happy Birthday to beautiful Riley !! xxoo Marilyn

  2. "and then sister farted..." Bwhwhwhwwwwhhhhaaa! Love potty humor!
    Hippo Birdies Two Riley!