Saturday, February 7, 2015

Waste Not

so huge sadface. My computer is broken and I'm still trying to figure out how to post pictures and blog from my Ipad. I made another mini quilt out of scraps. Trying to use up all the fabric around my desk before I start a new project and I have 3 baby quilts to make. Lots of mini quilts to make and a fabric stash to organize. Also part of the "waste not" is shopping in the freezer and pantry to come up with a meal plan for this coming week. My challenge is finding meals that I can eat with the 21 Day Fix plan that my family will also eat. This week looks like this:
Sunday- Spinach chicken balsamic dressing
Monday- stuffed bell peppers
Tuesday- Baked potatoe soup
Wednesday- Zuchini boats
Thursday-Chicken salad in wheat pita
Friday- flank steak and salad
Saturday-Vegetable Quiche
We've also rented a U Haul to take all the boxes we've been storing from our move to open up the third bay garage for Avery's car. I  feel a little weird about this. We've kept them 3.5 years. So I hope there is not another move around the corner. The great thing about doing this is I found all kinds of wooden embroidery hoops and some more fabric. Any tips for blogging from your ipad and posting pictures? Thanks

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