Sunday, November 1, 2015

Day one of my 60 day challenge

Lots has happened since my last post and I'm sorry for not writing for quite some time. June 19th my mom committed suicide. I found out the first day of my vacation heading out there. Our summer was spent with my awesome beautiful sisters Leah and Megan going thru my mom and dads house( we lost our dad Nov. 30th to complications to leukemia) I got back from that had one week and then time to go back to work. A month later shingles, three weeks later a head cold, last two weeks a viral infection that landed in the right side of my face. Another part of all of this was knowing I would not be getting the money our nana set aside for us girls so I made the decision to go into a debt management group. Closed all my credit cards. Talk about scary. But all of this leads me to my 60 day Holiday challenge. I started doing Beachbody in January after dad passed to take charge of my weight issue and get healthy. With it I've lost 13 pounds and 13 inches.

Today is November 1st. The day after candy day, I mean Halloween. My biggest focus today was not to go face first into the candy bowl. Chocolate is my crack. I made it thru and for the next 60 days with a group of like minded people we are focusing on healthy choices and habits. We are doing this with a workout plan and eating plan designed for each of us.  I'll be telling you a bit about it in this blog amount other things but I believe keeping a daily blog with be like a journal and help keep me on track. So no candy no chocolate cupcake at the baby shower and a healthy salad at dinner out today.
Weight 179.5


  1. Dena I am so, so sorry for your loss. You're in my thoughts and prayers my friend. I'm so glad you are still on track with your healthy new lifestyle. You continue to be an inspiration for me!

    1. Loved your wedding pictures Molly

  2. Oh sorry about all this on your shoulders. Many hugs from back east!!! You go girl!!