Monday, November 2, 2009


So much to tell you about. It seems like forever since the last post, but I know it was not that long ago. My nephew Ryan sent us "Flat Stanley" for a visit. We are to take pictures and tell Ryan's class about Stanley's visit here and what this area is like. Stanley arrived on Halloween so he got to trick or treat and he will get to go to Riley's field trip to Jamestown. He came at a good time. Baby Queen shared some of her candy.
Stanley with a couple of Hot Dogs. The real dog is less than thrilled. I love the blonde Hot Dog.

Queen 2 posing with Patsy at her class party. At this station they dyed lavendar saches with beets and blueberries. Queen 2 is Carrie Ingalls for the character parade. They also played Twister, guess the grossness, and made pictures with vinegar and windex. To say that it smelled in the room would be a understatement. The kids had fun.

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