Monday, March 1, 2010

Ok- where did February go?

Seriously- where did it go? Above is a picture of my birthday present. Isn't it awesome?! I've wanted a camara that would be able to do more things and take better pictures and I have a lot to learn with this one. I will enjoy playing with it though and apoligize in advance for all the crazy pictures you will see from now on. I had a great birthday. Thank you to my family and friends for all your well wishes and for thinking of me. 40 wasn't painful at all. Does make you think though. Thinking is good.

This is a Housewarming gift from Soulmates parents. It arrived Saturday. We had forgotten what it looked like. We ordered it and then waited three months before it was delivered. it was worth the wait. So pretty! Thank you Sam and Sherrie!!!
I have done all my embroidery for the Hoop Up Swap and enjoyed my nightly stitching so much I took this on. I saw the picture from someone on Flickr and then changed it up to make it my own. I drew it free hand and then stitched away. I went through two layers of cloth. (trick from Jen I learned) I really like it.
This week: get the two quilts done that are on my floor in my cave. The merlot and butter one and the Old red barn breast cancer quilt. Wish me luck:)


  1. So sorry I missed it. So happy birthday!!! Hope you had lots of fun.
    I was wondering the same thing. Where did February go? I hope all the months don't go this fast or I will never get anything done.
    You are a fantastic artist. Great job!!!

  2. Oh, nice gifts- the camera and the furniture! Lovely stuff, you scored!

    Like the rooster a lot, nice job. That border around him is super cool looking!

  3. Dena baby....Hippo Birdie Two Ewes...a little late but I'm sure you'll take the greetings!:)

    Nice camera...better learn how to use it by the time we go to can be our official photographer!:)

    Yep...gotta finish my circle and ORBC Pink...but it is so nice and sunny...can't I just curl up with a good book....and poor little lonely Slate?:)

  4. Love, love, love the rooster Dena! I would buy that pattern!! So Cute!!!