Saturday, February 19, 2011

Glorious Days

 I got to have a lunch date with Dolores aka Dee Roo (flickr friend turned neighbor friend when we discovered we live in the same county) Love this upbeat gal. Love all of her quilty inspiration.
 After lunch I went over to the Salvation Army. I need chairs for the woman cave for a sitting area and I didn't want to spend alot. We really didn't have anything at the Consigment Store where I work so I thought on the off chance I'll try the S.A. store. Look what I found. Just came in and all meant for me. $25.00 a chair and in great shape. Table from Target $39.00. Rug from Target $49.00- clearance and Artwork from Homegoods $45.00 clearance. Can you say Whoot Whoot? Color me happy.
And before lunch I got to have some sewing time and finished this quilt top. The blocks were from the Circuit Block Bee and I added the border. Maybe I'll get to quilt and bind it soon.

This morning I took a walk with Jack wrapped up in my grandfathers vest and was thankful for my glorious day and moments.


  1. WhoooHooooooo....little D....those chairs are perfect!! Now you need to make them a couple of pillows!:)

    A great day was had by all!!

  2. I love the chairs!!! What a great find! I love thrifting....and I REALLY think that you guys should make a trip to Vegas. :)