Saturday, February 12, 2011

The studio

 This is my studio or better known as the "womancave". I love having this much space to sew in. All the quilts and goodies you see on the wall are from other friends and family that I have swapped with or received presents from. Lots of color and inspiration on those walls.
 My newest piece came from Ann. Our theme was Take Flight. She embroidered little trees and flowers on the hills and the airplane is to die for. Pretty amazing right? Thank you Ann.
 It went right up on the wall with my other treasures.
Every now and then one of the queens will come down for some quiet and creating too. Where do you create?


  1. Awesome sewing room! I'm totally jealous but since you're so nice I'm happy for you. I create at my dining room table in the middle of the house. Have to put it all away for Easter and then Thanksgiving through Christmas. Gives me a good time to take a break and re-evaluate my progress and think about future projects.

  2. Love your sewing room! Mine is a small bedroom - but is totally dedicated to sewing. Right now the walls are pink - but I am thinking of going with white to open it up since it is so small.