Sunday, July 3, 2011


2011-07-02_10-54-06_624, originally uploaded by denawayne.

We made it to Mew Mexico yesterday . We will be in a hotel until our stuff arrives. Internet is iffy and my verizon email is now non existant. I have a new gmail address. If you need it leave me a comment I will get you the new one. Today we are going to make sure the house is cooling down. It was 90 degrees during our walk through. That is not going to work. We are also going to shop for a new stove and frig. We've been checking out a few tourist sights and are looking forward to exploring our new home and area. have a wonderful safe relaxing holiday.



  1. Glad to know you made it there safely......have a good holiday and stay cool if you can.....

  2. So glad everything is moving smoothly! I want that address sister! :)