Thursday, July 21, 2011


We went to the ABQ zoo yesterday and walked around for four hours in the 90+ degree heat. It is a lovely zoo and just what the Wayne girls needed. The peacocks are allowed to roam free.

This lady was coming up for a Hello. I think hoping for a cracker. The girls were a wealth of information on all the animals. I didn't know that the female ostriches are gray and the males are black.

Baby burrowing owl. I loved it! So sweet and cute and it's yellow still my heart.

This guy was a character. Trying to cool off and entertaining the people. Every now and then he's give the crowd a tooth.

And my favorite animals! Although hot we had a good time. To view more pictures taken yesterday click the flickr button at the side of my blog.

Have a great day and survive the heat!



  1. Peacocks are so beautiful, but they make the most horrendous noise! lol
    I didn't know that about ostrichs either - learn something new every day, for sure.
    Cute, cute owl - does that baby know owls are such the rage in quilting fabric these days?
    At least the polar bear got to keep cool!!
    Now I'm off to see the rest on Flickr....

  2. The Albuquerque zoo is one of our favorite stops with the grandsons. The polar bear is quite the character. I am always amazed at all of the flamingos just as you enter. Thanks for sharing the photos!