Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Early in the Morning

This isn't my time of day. I admit it. I would rather be under the covers, all snuggled in until 9 or so. My days of raising toddlers and having "pj" days are long gone. Now it's Early morning alarms and getting kiddos here there and everywhere. But this morning, I looked out my bathroom window to this. Pictures don't quite do it justice. The full moon, the city lights, the tint of pink in the sky.

As the sun rose it turned into this.

Our mountains with the sun just behind them. The beginning of the day. The early morning. Not my normal time of day, but what a gift of beauty this morning.

And I couldn't resist the tree with the nest in it.

Happy day Everyone.



  1. Those are truly beautiful pictures, Thanks for sharing your early morning with us.