Monday, February 27, 2012

So Blessed

It was Birthday week at our house this past week. Riley turned 12 and I turned not 12, (just add 30 to her number). We had a great week full of events and just tried to really live in the moment of each one. Riley had a party with three of her closest friends and I was so proud of the girls she puts around herself. They were all sweet, good girls, who were respectful and thankful for everything we did. Movies and dinner with a good dose of trampoline in there.

There was gymnastics twice this week with the handstand contest. Guess who won again?

I think this is her favorite place to be

Avery had two concerts. Of course both of them the same nights as gym. Thank goodness for my Soulmate. I got to see one of the concerts and man can that girl sing!!! She hits notes that are off the chart and to think in Virginia she was singing alto. Here they have her as Soprano 1 or 2 -I forget which. Whichever one hits all those super high notes and accurately. So proud of both of our girls and so blessed to have the family I have. Thank you for all the birthday wishes.

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  1. Riley is adorable and so very talented! And Avery is just beautiful and looks entirely too grown up!

    Cuppy-cakes from SCRATCH? You be the MOM! I'm sorry I missed your birthday, which actual day was it, Dena? I'll write it down this time, promise! Happy Belated, darlin'!