Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Trails Quilt

YOu know how when someone needs a hug and you are not there to give a hug? What's the next best thing? A Quilt of course! So I was on a mission to get a quilt made with the help of two little fur balls. One to smooth things out and the other was on the couch overseeing. See? Helpful.
This is the front. The center of each block is an old cowboy print and the lighter tan fabric had a barb wire print running through it. It's a manly quilt and really big. Perfect for a cowboy/ mountain man kind of guy.
The back- I tried to use up all the little pieces from the front that were left over. It's a little like putting together a puzzle.
And I stitched the name of the fabric line was Happy Trails and perfect for the journey my Dad is taking. Of course with much love-Dena. He got it today :-)

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