Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's been a while......

 This little quilt is for Baby Owen. He was born really early, like 27 weeks old early and he is such a little fighter and growing like he should. His mommy is one of the teachers at the school I work at. Say a prayer for Owen. He is going to be great.
 Another boy quilt that I am working on today. I got in the mood for little boy quilts and had this cute owl fabric that I bought when I was visiting my mom last year. Had to put it to use.
 Pears from Gloria's tree. Gloria is the Principal's secretary that I work with and is already chosen family.
 Nana's Apple Cake recipe made with the pears above. So yummy.
 Can you say Kitty Dog? That is what Charlie is. Someone (who shall remained un-named) (RILEY) thought it would be cute to show Charlie how to climb up into the pantry.  Charlie being a smart, if not weird, dog had no problem learning this and now we can't keep him out of it as he searches for "salty crunchy"
And finally just because they are MY BOYZ.

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