Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Family Drive

 We took a drive yesterday to the Jemez Mountains.
 I made an appointment with my family a few weeks in advance
 For us all to be together and explore our state- Battleship Rock
 I thought we might get out of the car and hike some but that wasn't to be. All of these pictures are taken from the car- not even stopping. I did a pretty good job huh?
 We got to see some fall colors from the poplar and cottonwood trees
 Lots of signs of elk crossing but no elk- it is hunting season
 We did get to see the damage to the Bandelier forest from last years fire.  Though not in the picture above.
 Learned that it was home to a major volcano and this rock is what the indians dug their caves into. There are lots of hiking trails and ruins to explore and I hope we can do that one day.
I enjoyed our drive very much and hope to schedule another one next month.

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