Saturday, October 20, 2012

One Week Ago

 I was in California seeing my mom and dad
 And my sisters.....
 My sisters and I met up with our cousin and took BART into S.F. to register for the Nike Women's Marathon Benefitting Leukemia. We signed up for this shortly after we learned that was what Dad was diagnosed with.
 We got up at 4am and drove in from Pleasanton, had a nice breakfast of oatmeal at Denny's and then lined up in the dark with about 24,996 other people
 FIT comes in all shapes and sizes. I learned a lot this day. So many reasons to be thankful and always be true to yourself.
 It's all about the outfits! We saw all kinds including fairies and pigs
And after making our way through the 13.1 miles we put on our "Finisher" T shirts and had a yummy lunch. I won't lie- we took showers and laid in bed the rest of the day. Tee hee. I never thought this was something I would do but I'm glad I did it. I can see why people get into marathons and my goal now is to finish the 83 miles I have left to complete 400 miles in 2012.
 As Nike says  "JUST DO IT"
Dad is doing good and God is with him. Love my family so much and it was so good to be with them.

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