Saturday, January 26, 2013

I joined the gym

 Back in November I signed up for 90 days for 90 dollars at the JCC. Well, it is decision time whether I was going to sign up or let my membership drop. I go to at least two cycling classes a week and even though I've committed to paying off our debt and this usually entails cutting every expense and put that money towards debt, I really had to think if I was going to get value out of the money I would be spending for the gym.  This is what I came up with :
If I'm at the gym I'm not shopping or eating.
If I use it more I will get greater bang for my buck.
The girls and I can use the pool in the summer.
Going to the gym will help with activity points with WW
Will help me get in shape and loss this weight
Improves my overall health
Budgeting and paying off debt, paying cash for everything feels a little like being grounded right now. NO JOKE! I am going through with drawls of spending the money I used to at the grocery store for goodness sake. I have come up with a list of things to do to keep me busy that don't cost money. Thank the Lord for my job- my stash of fabric- my neighborhood and puppies to walk with and now my gym membership. Please share any ideas you have of having fun without spending money. I would really like to get into hiking with the family, if only they would cooperate. Have a good weekend. I plan of going to the gym, church and quilting.

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