Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vacation recap P 2 Train ride

 The day after we arrived at the parents we went on a train ride from Virginia City to Carson City. We took the first train out because it was HOT and the morning was quite pleasant.
 Virginia City is beautiful and historic. This was a mining town with lots of active mines. You can walk down the streets and feel like you are back in the past.
 The trains of yesterdays
 They were putting a new whistle on the train. Made in San Fransico and driven up by the crafter of the whistle. Pretty cool
 We walked around the yard while they were working on the train
 The seats were leather and rattan and you could move the seatback from front to back to change the direction you were looking
 A map showing the diffent routes the railroad took back in the day
 We had the train to ourselves and one of the conducters came back and gave us our own private tour.
 Sweet smiling faces
 At the end of the ride we ended up in Carson City and maet some shady characters

 Both of the girls enjoyed the ride and actually did put their little toys away for a portion of it. Maybe after I yelled at them to do so... Maybe. Are you kidding me?
 After the train ride we went to IHOP and got a large yummy breakfast. Then it was back home and naps for all.
Wonderful memories     Wonderful day

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