Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vacation Recap P.1 My Parents

The girls and I left June 6th and drove to Nevada. We stopped the first night in Vegas. No Vegas strip for us. We met my quilting/flickr friend Nichol and her family for dinner. Such a treat.
The next day we drove another 6.5 hours to Stagecoach NV to my parents house. They were sitting on the swing waiting for us as we pulled up.
 The views and sunsets are amazing. It was so peaceful. Mom and I would take a walk around the loop- about 2.5 miles. The first two times we saw a band of batchelors- 4 wild horses. Thrilling. Really.

 This was taking my last morning there. I got up early and took a five mile walk with my camera to see what I could see and was blessed to see this lonely only. He was very thin and looked young.
 The girls enjoyed spending time with Grandma and Grandpa. They still are talking about Grandmas bacon she made them each morning. Spoiled creatures.
 Right outside the kitchen table was four babies in the birdhouse that were being fed by their mom and dad on a regular basis. very fun to watch.
 My parents have really transformed the backyard into something really special and the mountain views from all angles were again- amazing 

 This is Chloe. The newest Ives member. She is still a puppy and Riley wanted to put her in her suitcase so badly.
 This is Sophie. Dad got her for mom, but she is dad's dog all the way. Sweet Sophie wants to be with dad all the time. She is a love.
This is Linus. He is Mom's dog. Will bury his way under her while she sits in her chair. He is a mama's boy for sure.

Tomorrow I will tell you about our train ride.

Bye for now.


  1. You met Nic?! I am so jealous of you both. How is pop doing?

  2. Ditto what Lynz said!;)

    Mom and Dad look like kids...they must of had you right out of high school!:)