Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Sharing

The pictures were hung with care. Weekend project complete. Thanks Soulmate. Queen 1 had a playdate here with a friend from her old school and time flew. Queen 2 was at FunDay at church where she also got to bring a friend. They had pizza, had their faces painted, jumped inthe moon bounce and had a great time. While I was in church this morning I was thinking how if we hadn't made this move (which at the time felt like someone riping me from my life of seven years) I never would have found this church. I was also thinking about putting the church website on the blog today so family and friends could see where it is that I go on Sunday morning. I know I talk about it with some of you and the whole purpose of the blog was to share so while I'm not a big "preaching" kind of person I still would like for you to see it. So there it is. I came home from church to find that Soulmate had been doing battle with the computer for most of the morning. We had picked up a virus somewhere that was cutting off the internet. He finally got that under control, but it took him most of the day. Again Thank you Soulmate!!

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