Friday, July 10, 2009

A Owl or Two

I've been drawing and stitching these guys while watching tv with the family. I'm sure this will be the next project down the road.

The girls and I have been enjoying the weather the last few days. In the 80's here. Warm enough to swim but nice for mom who reads by the pool.

I've met a few people....New neighbors moving in and everyone so far has been very nice. I spoke with the lady across the street for about a half an hour. They are pouring the last foundation in our neighborhood and working on the house behind us with filling in the foundation. It is a little loud, but yessterday it didn't feel like we were home much anyway.

Queen 1 had a horseback riding lesson and Queen 2 and I played with all the barn animals. They were barrel racing to watch.

Today is my niece's birthday. Happy Birthday Gracie Lou!!!!!

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  1. I'm pea green over your artistic talents! I can't draw but I can trace like nobody's business! Ever traced a coloring book image to embroider? I'm going to try that soon.

    Barrel racing!!! Yikes! How old is Q1? That's exciting stuff!