Monday, July 13, 2009

Word to the Wise....

Don't do DC in the summer on a weekend!!!!! We , ok, I, thought that it would be fun to drive into DC and hit a museum or two this Sat. There were no big events that I knew of going on and something fun for the family to do....right? Wrong!!! The drive down was nice no traffic. Don't get me wrong, I knew it was going to be busy. I had no idea it would be that busy! We tried to drive around for an hour to find parking. I say tried to drive because the amount of people trying to cross the intersection, I mean every intersection made this very difficult. People lined up down the street to get into the museum, every one we passed. Ok, mistake, maybe Georgetown won't be so bad? Drive over there and nope, every bit as bad. So get out of the DC area and head home feeling frustrated that we couldn't do something fun for the kiddos and for ourselves.

Yesterday, I skipped church and took the kids to the indoor pool rec center in the next town. they loved the two story slide and we hung out there for two hours until my poor eyes could no longer take the fumes from the pool, lots of chemicals. Took them to Wendy's for lunch- we don't do fast food very often so this was a treat. Came home and I got ready for a "big girls" party. My friend hosted a jewerly party. I met some great women and drank some sangria- 1/2 a glass cause I'm a lite weight. Bought something for the queens for Christmas. I wear two rings and earrings and I never take them off or change them, so nothing for me. Now had it been a fabric party I would have been all over that. Tee Hee. Soulmate made some awesome burgers for dinner and then we watched a bad movie.

The new library opened up in town so I think we are going to do that today. This week is going to be hot. We've been spoiled up til now. I am still thinking about getting to my quilts to put them together, but so far only thinking. Hope you had a good weekend and remember DC on a Sat......Bad idea.

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