Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween Crafting

 I can't believe it is October already. I was just getting use to it being September and getting back to school. Why is the time flying by so fast? We feel fall in the air here and nothing says fall like Halloween. One of my favorites by the way. I sewed up this little mini this past week and that started all kinds of stuff.
 The table runner that I made last night with the help of some really cute girls.
 We brought Boo out of the hutch and put him on the sofa. I made him last year
 The girls were up late last night crafting. Avery was working on stuffies to hang from the lamp and Riley is stitching a bat. Never mind that was last night. This picture is of them painting there pumpkins they got today. Whoo tired I think.
 My super cool find at Joanns for $4.00. Yep all three boxes. I love them.
 And our normal visitor from next door. I love him but I draw the line at him chewing the framing of the door to get into the house. Crazy. I know he loves us, but really? How about Pumpkin sitting on the sofa like he owns the place?
Getting love from the Riles.

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  1. Love all the Halloween stuff. I can't show you what I made yesterday since it is for Maria and I just posted it...she'll get it in a week and then I'll blog about it but if you look at Lynz's latest blog post you can see the fabric I used since she and I shared a bundle!:)

    This almost makes me wish the kids were small again....almost!;)