Saturday, January 22, 2011

Heavy Heart

Today I will go with my husband to the funeral of a man that only lived 31 years. My heart is heavy for the pain his family must be going through and for his 6 month old son and his wife. Even though my family will be experiecing change in the next months to come we have one another and for that I am so thankful and puts our journey in perspective. So message today- hug your family.


  1. Dena,

    Hugs to you on a day that will no doubt be very hard for all concerned. I will keep you and your husband as well as this young man's family in my heart and prayers. May God comfort you and ease your heavy heart.

  2. So sorry, thanks for the reminder to count my blessings....and you are one of them!

  3. So sorry to hear this Dena. My thoughts are with you....and thanks for the reminder. You too are a great blessing to me. One of my favorite ORBC chicas. :) Hugs!