Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hey partner, does this help?

Hey partner, does this help?, originally uploaded by denawayne.
Well, before I told you I had been accepted in two swaps- The Scrappy mug rug swap and The Doll Quilt Swap. So excited!!!! So I thought I would write a note to my partner who is a secret and I won't know who he/she is until I get my package in the mail. Cheating? no not really. Well maybe. Color me bad. I am in LOVE with the scrappy look lately. Colors and brights and whites OH MY! Grey is good too. Let's not forget linen- love that also. My one request and this is going to sound like crazy talk coming from me but, are you ready for this? No Owls. See crazy I know. I love them. But lately that is all I have received and there is so much greatness not owl that I feel the need for a little of it. Please please pretty please think scrappy happy. Now I'm off to stalk my partners. Bwahahahaha.

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