Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Mine and It's Here

 Dana from Old Red Barn Co was having a giveaway of this quilt. Background- Dana started a Flickr group quilt along that can be found here. She has introduced me to so many wonderful women (and men) through this group, not to mention has helped my quilting HUGE. Dana and I exchange emails, comment on each others blogs and have become friends in the sense that you are friends with meeting. I tease that I am going to drop by her house for tea and she says "come on by". When she was making this quilt I was asking all kinds of questions"how big are your squares?" "who is quilting it?" Is that the Oz fabric line?"So there was HUGE love for this quilt and THEN she has a giveaway. In every spot available I put "please be mine" and now it is. I love it so much you have no idea. It is sooooo perfectly done. I feel so lucky to have a part of her and still can't wait until we can have a cup of tea together. I will treasure it always. Thank you Dana!!!
 And this is a tease for Jenn. This is Baby Dooley's quilt. "Oh, Oh I almost showed you the whole thing! "(sticks tongue out and gives a raspberry). Jenn is having a baby girl and refuses to tell me the name. And that is fine but now the wench is teasing me. " oh oh I almost said her name" Plain Rude!


  1. Beautiful quilt!! I love the design - it is a super idea!! You are one lucky gal - I can see how much you love it in the photo!!

  2. It was rigged! Hee hee... Congratulations, Dena.