Friday, March 25, 2011

Coming to you?

Coming to you?, originally uploaded by denawayne.

This is the package put together for the 10th Doll Quilt Swap group from Flickr. Handpainted mug, peacock journal, fabric fat quarters and quilt all for ............. Can't say. It's a surprize!


  1. I could only hope that I get something you made! What a lucky partner you have for sure! :)

  2. That mug is wonderful! Did you use ceramic paint or go to a paint-your-own kind of place? I've wanted to use it but been afraid that that ceramic paint might now work, is why I ask. Maybe you have experience with it working!

    The whole package is lovely -- your partner is super-lucky!

  3. It came today and I love it! Thank you for all of the extras you sent with it......the mug is great and I will be using later this evening for some hot tea......and the journal is amazing, along with the great fabric you sent.....again thank you and know that the little quilt will be treasured....