Sunday, March 13, 2011

More proud Momma

My little Queen had her first meet this weekend. She has been asked to go into the competitive All Star Group starting in summer and they put in this "in house" meet to get the girls a taste of what it is like. They put her first in the rotation and she handled her nerves pretty well.

She tied for third on the uneven bars.

Bombed a bit on the beam- fell off twice. She later told me she was shaking so hard. She stuck her landing though and her lines were most pretty. ( yes I'm saying all that cause I'm her momma)
We need to ask some questions about the vault- this is all new to us. Like why did she do a harder vault if her score was going to be less? (again that's the mom in me)
She kicked some major booty on the floor exercise. Top scores and number 1. Whoot whoo!

Over all she placed 6th out of 20 girls. Not bad for a first go of it. Really not bad since she just started gymnastics this fall.
Congrats to all the girls who got up there and did their thing.

* note* I can't down load the talent show without it crashing my computer so you will have to come over for popcorn and a viewing

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