Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Love 3 day weekends

My boys took a nap. Look at how cute they are!!! I think I'm in love again. Anyone wearing a dog as a scarf? "Don't bug me Mom. I'm sleeping on my Dad".

I had time to bake. Love to bake. Baking in high elevation is taking some getting used to. Chocolate chip cookies and banana chocolate chip muffins. See a theme of chocolate here? I may love chocolate. No, I'd say it is a definate. I love chocolate. So cute boys and chocolate so far.

Then I had some fabric to do something with. Lots of 1.5 inch blocks were cut and put in a plastic bin. I have a plan. Now I just need a window of time to make it happen. Love fabric, petting fabric, looking at fabric, cutting fabric, sewing fabric. So that is cute boys, chocolate, and fabric. Mmmmm.

And I finished off the weekend by making another little quilt with another little saying. I like this one too. This is going to a special little honey that needs a pick me up. Be joyous little honey.


  1. Your boys look so comfy! Love the scrap bin of fabrics, the color combo is wonderful....cookies look good, now if I just had one!lol....love me some chocolate....another cute little quilt, and a great pick me up! Have a great day.....

  2. Sweet little dog. Beautiful color materials