Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Congrats to Sue Nivan. You won the DS QUILTS fabric and it is lovely. Email me your address or comment here if you cant get through to me. Although I am very thankful for the internet sometimes my email chooses not to work:)

My thankful list

1. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

2.My family- my husband of 17 yrs who has been with me for over 19yrs.

3.Friends- the ones I get to see face to face and the ones I haven't met yet but get to communicate with through Flickr or this blog

4.A roof over my head and food on the table- simple I know- But I have been overlooking that one and I shouldn't

5.Opportunity and freedom to choose and guidance to go where God wants me to do which brings me back to #1

This happened yesterday

Walked to the busstop to get my youngest off the bus. She wasn't there. Race back home, going through my mind trying to remember if I told her I would pick her up, don't remember but don't think so, get in the car, drive to the school, look for my youngest, don't find her, try not to panic but my chest is getting tight, start praying, go back home, look for youngest, call husband at work to tell him I don't have her and get " oh she got off the bus here I thought you knew"


I am thankful that God keeps my family safe even when they forget to communicate with me.

Good thing I had an hour to cool off and calm down before they came home.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting my blog.



  1. Congrats to the winner!! And, I can so relate to the panic your were feeling when your baby didn't get off the bus! One of my daughters didn't get off the bus when she was in kindergarten. I drove to the school thinking that she must have just missed the bus, but she wasn't there, and no one knew anything about where she was... The bus routes here are pretty long, so I had to just sit and wait until *finally* a bus driver called to let us know that she had gotten on the bus to go home with a friend! I was so relieved!! You just never know what a kid is gonna do...

  2. I am so glad that it all turned out ok!
    I am very happy to be a winner, Thank you so much. I will be using them in my charity sewing.

  3. I am so happy to know that my husband is not the only man in the world like this. I used to say he is a only child so he forgets to tell others(me) where he is and where he is going with the kids. Then when I do call he says I thought John told you or I thought Taylor or Jacob. I didn't know you didn't know.