Monday, July 9, 2012

It's been a year

I got a text from my old neighbor saying our old house is going to have a new family in it and this got me thinking - We've been in New Mexico a year now. In some ways it seems a lot longer. We feel at home, have a great church, great jobs, good schools and great friends. In some ways it seems so short. There is still so much of the state I want to see, so many places we don't know and things we haven't tried. So here is to a year in New Mexico, may we discover alot of this state.


  1. That's fantastic for you all. And what a great attitude you've got, all positive and no negative, at least in your post :-)

  2. Has it only been a year since I saw you...seems like forever to me!

    I am soooooo freaking happy that everyone found their center!:) Hope daddy is feeling better too!:) xo