Friday, July 12, 2013

Staycation Part One

 You know what's cool about having company? You see things in the town you live in that you may not have seen otherwise. We have lived here two years and haven't been to Petroglyph National Park. Now I would advise you NOT, I repeat, Do Not, go on a 2 1/2 mile in the desert in 90 plus degree heat. You could kill your youngest child. I almost did.
 Instead do the short hike with great views and plenty of petroglyphs to take pictures of.
 We went to the Indian Pueblo Museum and got treated to an hour of dancing and singing
 Which was almost as good as the re enactment in the backyard
 The next day was shopping and looking at galleries in Madrid
 The girls had no problem finding things they liked
 Super cute little town in the middle of no where on the turquoise trail
And the highlight of the trip- a herd of wild horses with the stallion guarding the mares and foals. There is water right in that tree line.


  1. I like all your girls - even you! :)

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