Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 in Review

 My dad beat leukemia with the blessing of God and a stem cell transplant for my Aunt Mel and the loving care of my mommy
 I got to visit my 95 year old Nana for the last time in June. She went to be with the Lord September 28th and I miss her everyday.
 There were still quilts to be made and I did about a dozen. The last for a family that lost their son this summer- three t shirt quilts-my first ever.
 Our family took a vacation for the first time in many years just the four of us. We went to Pagosa Springs in Colorado and rented a cabin for four days. I just love the area and could retire there very easily.
 I started Menu Planning. Made a book and everything. This is such a blessing in so many ways. Everyone knows what is for dinner, it helps in shopping and it helps with the budget.
 We have a new member of our family. I found this dog in the parking lot of school. We found her family and they asked if we wanted her. I named her Nana. I found her two days after my Nana passed, thus Nana.She keeps me walking everyday.
We had lots of family visits this year. We went to Nevada, Sonora and Monterey this summer. My mom and dad came for Thanksgiving and Doug's son Sam came with his family during our winter break. Meet Liz, Brooklyn and Lillian.

Happy New Year!

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