Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goals Revisited

1. 500 miles - I started this last year and actually made this goal. I walked 500 miles last year and I want to do the same this year.  I walked 300 miles
2. 2000 miles- Of cycling- I re-found the love I have for cycling/spin classes. 1500 miles cycling
3. Pay off 4 credit cards- I won't go into how much debt we have, but I have been researching how to pay off debt and every blog, article, or pin I've read mentioned Dave Ramsy and the Total Money makeover. I bought the book (used for 3dollars) So my goal for this year is to pay off four of my credit cards. 1 down 3 to go. I got three paid off
4. Have 1,000. in my savings by the end of the year. 300 in savings
5. Watch my mouth- I have a potty mouth- HUGE!!!!! Still needs work
6. Be in my bible daily. This helps with all the other goals and puts my heart in the right direction. Still needs work. The internet everyday messages help
7. Be an intentional wife and mother. Family Life radio talks about being intentional in your daily walk and I didn't really think about what that meant until recently. Making the most of each moment with my husband and daughters. ( I would add sister and daughter to that too) Lord knows I tried
8. Be grateful for everything God has given me and to remember that things happen for a reason Needs to happen all the time everyday
9. Say Thank You!!! Along with that is being postive with the people that are put in my path. Needs to be this years goal as well
10. Treating my body like the temple of God. That means not using food as a drug. No stress eating, emotional eating. Looking for happiness and comfort in food. Failed this bigtime
11. Follow the Weight Watcher plan. It works when I use it. Failed this one too
12. Bring my body weight down by 10 percent. So many health benefits to doing this. Does gaining two pounds count? LOSER- oh maybe I should say GAINER
13. Last but not least- Blog more. Share more. Create more. Cook more. All tied in together. This was hard. Working fulltime, mom of two teenage girls, wife of one husband and three dogs and let's not forget the house that needs to be cleaned and then there is Pinterest. Hello. I promised to try harder in 2014


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