Friday, January 3, 2014

January Meal Planning

I've told you about how I began meal planning and once you find something that works and helps you want to share.

2. Baked chicken, stuffing, veggies
3. Corn chowder and sour dough rolls
4. Dinner out- yippee
5. Baked potatoe bar and salad
6. Bean Burritos
7. Pasta, bread and salad
8. Oakie Tacos
9. BBQ chicken sandwich and potatoe salad
10. Pizza and salad
11. Maple mustard pork and grilled apples
12. Beef stew and biscuits
13. lasagna roll ups
14. honey lime baked chicken
15. mexican chicken casserole
16.meatball subs
17. tacos and fixings
18. pork loin ,stuffing, acorn squash
19. Dinner out
20. Chinese chicken salad
21. mac and cheese
22. omelettes and hash browns
23. sausage and potatoe bake
24. pizza and salad
25. enchiladas, corn bread casserole
26. Beef roast, mashed potatoes
27. french dip sandwiches
28. Tortellini
29. Chicken tenders
30. Quiche
31. breakfast for dinner

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