Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sundays savings

 I started the tablerunner. Using the Pinterest picture I drew the patterns free hand. One thing I noticed as I was going through my thread was I did not have one shade of blue. How could that be? Darn it. I had to go to JoAnns. I have kind of grounded myself from that place and places like it because I tend to get in trouble.
 But I did a good job. Four skeins of yarn for scarves. Six fat quarters that reminded me so much of Jill I had to buy them. An embroidery hoop and 12 bits of thread all for $6.88 out of pocket. I used my coupons and I had a gift card that had a bit on it still. A wonderful way to spend an hour.
I had a daughter date with this one this afternoon. We saw Maleficent and man oh man does that Angelina have some beautiful cheeckbones. The eyes aren't to shabby either. good flick.

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