Saturday, August 2, 2014

Watching the Clouds go by

 It was a challenging week this week. Between work, house and teenagerism I was beat. Or beat up. I'm not sure.
 We are the choices we make right? I had many occasions when I had to make a choice to take the right road, even when I wanted to yell at my girls or behave the way I shouldn't. Well at one point I was upstairs and looking at this sky and thinking " wow there is a God out there and the skies are annoucing his glory"
 And the tears starting to pour down my cheeks and I just gave it up to God.
 Even Nana got in on the action and was cloud watching
 Thank you God for forgiving all my mistakes, for taking all my crap in my life and giving me peace and for showing me your presence in the skies
 It was magic and I sure appreciated it.

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